Show-How Guides are joyful primers for curious minds―collectible, visual, step-by-step handbooks that teach the skills every kid should know!

Show-How Guides

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Airplanes - 1
Airplanes - 2
Airplanes - 3
Airplanes - 4
Knots - 1
Knots - 2
Knots - 3
Knots - 4

Welcome to the SHOW-HOWs!

4" x 6.5"

This pocket-sized 101 series introduces kids of all ages to the perennial talents, hobbies, skills, and hands-on activities they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Each book includes a curated collection of essential skills and every step is illustrated, allowing kids to truly and easily master the basics, regardless of how they learn. Finally, fun and friendly tutorials you can understand at a glance! Show-How Guides are an affordable stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or impulse buy.

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