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Odd Dot is a creative team of passionate editors, designers, makers, artists, writers, engineers, and dreamers. We publish innovative nonfiction books in formats of all kinds, for kids of all ages. With titles that range from trend-setting sticker compendiums, to educational workbooks, to definitive outdoor field guides, to toy-like novelty, and beyond, Odd Dot’s mission is to create joyful books for curious minds–and have fun doing it. We are inspired first and foremost by our readers and the magic of making books, and we specialize in delivering exceptional originality in whatever form our ideas take–books, toys, keepsakes, or otherwise. Guided by the power of play, we develop thought-provoking and eye-catching goods that you will treasure. You can follow along on the adventure@odddotbooks.


Nathalie Le Du

Christina Quintero
Creative Director

Tim Hall
Art Director

Justin Krasner
Executive Editor

Tae Won Yu
Design Manager

Jocelyn O’Dowd

Julia Sooy

Phil Conigliaro

Caitlyn Hunter
Junior Designer

Kate Avino
Assistant Editor

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